About Us


Welcome to our Visions Family!

Thank you for visiting us.  Now you are no longer a visitor to our site and to our journey, but a valued member of our Visions Family! Congratulations! You have been selected to join us for a journey of excellence that we believe will challenge the youth of Atlanta (and the world) to dream-to become their very best! This journey-this vision of transformation for our youth and community began in November 1990 when my life was purposefully and divinely redirected to Metropolitan Atlanta.  Throughout these past seasons, the children and youth of Atlanta have daily touched our hearts!

Our Journey

As youth and their families are divinely directed into our paths, we are permitted to peer into their very souls to see the wonderful human beings-the precious jewels-that are hidden behind stereotypic labels of school drop-out, at-risk,gold grills, saggin' pants, gang-banger, violent, dysfunctional and more! We proudly watch as these same youth and their families "catch the vision that they are truly somebody special"...that they are the BEST-EST (as one of my former Head Starters exclaimed during a meeting). As they realize that the sky is the limit, we watch them  "believe and achieve!"

What the Student Says...

"Visions has helped me very well.  The program helped me get a job.  I passed my GED pretest.  Its a good program, and it keeps young men like myself out of trouble.  It also helps people do better.  I have been with the Visions program for 6 months...and the program also made me a supervisor!" HK

The Sky is the Limit!

As they realize that the sky is the limit, we watch them expand their career ladders to graduate from high school or receive their GEDs and enroll in college or technical schools! We watch as they explore becoming entrepreneurs-realizing that owning their own business may be as close as owning a lawnmower! We watch teenage mothers and fathers responsibly care for their children! We watch families reunite and establish and maintain positive relationships! We watch them defy the odds and join our Visions Team as Ambassadors of Peace-rebuilding communities as positive role models! So, you can see why we are excited that you are joining our team-there is so much to be done-many many lives that are waiting for us to believe in them-right now-and who they can become! We believe that we many have ONE chance to touch the life of a child and a family...each minute, each second, then, must be filled with meaningful interactions that contribute to their positive growth and development! We must love them-unconditionally! We must set high expectations for their futures! We are charged to facilitate, support, and nurture their spiritual, personal, career, social, and physical development-for the SKY IS THE LIMIT for each of them!