Creating a better world through partnerships & collaboration

True public safety requires collaboration!

It is an honor for us to partner with public service agencies, community and faith-based organizations and post-secondary institutions. We are humbled by the support that continues to reinforce the importance of our mission.  Collaboratively, we are striving to provide exemplary services to meet the mind, body, and spirit needs of our youth and their families in an environment of unconditional love and mutual respect. 


Visions is a founding partner of two collaboratives specifically formed to address the challenges facing our youth and families in Metropolitan Atlanta:

Metropolitan Atlanta Violence Prevention Partnership (MAVPP)

MAVPP was founded in 2005 and  is a chapter of the Georgia Violence Prevention Partnership.  As leaders in the 21st Century Nonviolence Movement, it builds on the work of Dr. King, working to create a legacy for violence prevention! For the first time in Atlanta's history, representatives from community-based and faith-based organizations, academics, media representatives, school officials, and leading government officials came together around a challenging bu common concern: the prevention of violence!

  • The Vision: A Metropolitan Atlanta that lives without violence! 
  • The Mission:  To promote adaptive skills in families, and communities.
  • Purpose: To work toward creating a resilient violence prevention team of like-minded individuals and organizations across the metropolitan area to promote the health safety, and well being of all people, including victims of violence and underserved groups in affected by violence.
  • Long-Term Goal: To initiate tangible, concrete, but coordinated measures that help our city to become a safer place in which everyone can thrive.  

Strengthening Families and Children Coalition (SFCC)

 SFCC was founded to provide a brand unbrella and management for a coalition of partners within the non-profit, for profit and government agencies to work based upon a collective impact model to address critical issues that impacetfamily.

  • SFCC facilitates its efforts through information sharing, collaboration and policy formation.
  •  While the organizational structure has changed to a project focus, Visions  CEO, Gwendolyn Sands, was a Co-chair of the Youth Violence Committee.


Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!


My God assignment is to use my personal experience to provide life skills that the youth can identify with.  WO (Visions Life Coach-Credible Messenger)